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A new perspective sparks new insights and opens up new pathways.

We look at the big picture, and we drill down to brass tacks.

I draw on a toolkit that includes OKRs and Strategy Implementation, Ecosystem Intelligence and The MasterMoves, Design Thinking, Process Mapping…

But, above all, we synthesize and respond to your particular environment.

My knowledge and experience spans across industries — because no matter what business you’re in, you’re in the people business.

And business is an infinite game.

Leadership is a performative art. 

Whether you are leading a company, a team, or yourself, it takes more than book knowledge. Leading is a practice.

First, you need clarity on your vision and values. Then you need habits that reflect those things, keeping you in alignment. I help you hone your skills and sustain them long after I'm gone. 

The result is more than profit, it's vitality : leading in an authentic way becomes easeful, joyful, and a positive feedback loop.



Top-performing teams maintain trust, sustain curiosity, meet challenge, and produce results.

Yet frustration and resignation can creep in. With insights and practices from neuroscience and social anthropology, I help your organization or your team work in concert--in sync, productive, and enjoying what they do. The result? Meeting milestones and metrics while thriving. 


Productivity >< Creativity

As you grow, you need systems. 

Yet rules can stifle inspiration.

I help you solve the problem of growth killing innovation. 

Creativity isn’t limited to ‘creatives’. It's intrinsic to all humans, though it takes different forms. And it’s instrumental to how your crew stays engaged, committed, and bringing their best selves to work. We are curious beings, designed to experiment. Without the freedom to have and share ideas, humans become disengaged, resigned, or resentful. And nothing kills businesses more than that. 

There are the exciting parts of innovative cultures: experimentation, collaboration, psychological safety, flattening of structures.

And there are also the more challenging parts: accountability, candor, strong leadership.

I help you attain both the joy and rigor.

Meaningful Work

Humans are wired to contribute. Yes, sometimes that literally means ‘saving the children’, but it also means ‘making your corner better’. We are at our best when we know that what we are doing has an impact—when we know how our role is connected to the larger vision or purpose.

Leaders sometimes find themselves disconnected form their original drive and mission.

Individuals sometimes find themselves confused about their trajectory, or in the dark about how or why their work matters.

I help you and your team re-center, align, and re-ignite the light within again.

There is potential if:

  • You're going through change, have a new initiative

  • You're growing, aiming to grow

  • You want to stay agile amidst market shifts

  • You want to increase employee satisfaction & retention

  • Leadership or management skills are lack-luster

  • You team is lagging in performance, lacking in cohesion, or both

  • You are worn down by dissatisfaction

  • You’d like to enable a culture-shift

  • You desire to feel more whole

  • You are curious

Gracie Koester

Trained to think in layers and interconnections, Gracie has a decade-plus of experience helping individuals and teams achieve goals, face challenge and adversity, and attain satisfaction & thriving.


Drawing on a combination of

social neuroscience

+ human geography

+ business anthropology

+ strategic agility

+ ecosystem intelligence

+ design thinking

Gracie helps you get where you want to go.

"I trust that you know your work best--in a lot of ways, you know more than me. So I don't tell you what to do. Rather, I guide you through a process and into practices to help you increase your confidence, skills, capacity, and joy."

Gracie received her BA from Macalester, and has studied under Marsha Shenk, Bob Dunham and The Institute for Generative Leadership, and Wendy Palmer's Embodied Leadership.