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  • Do you want your work to be more fulfilling but don’t know what do to get there?

  • Do you know the people on your team are wonderful, but you’re not in that magic place of working together well, achieving what you want to achieve?

  • Do you want to be more influential, have greater impact, or inspire change?




Leadership & Management 

Leaders are people who want more: more impact, reward, ease, joy, wholeness.  But also people who want less: less frustration, inconsistency, strife, stagnation.

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The best teams not only achieve their goals, but enjoy getting there. They generate value personally and for their organization. Often the barrier is what’s untapped: what people are capable of, but not yet doing.

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We exist in an inter-connected web, and we thrive when we take care of everyone we exchange with. Ecosystem Intelligence helps you see and strengthen the connections that feed your work.

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Eager for change, but don’t have the human conditions conducive to it? A burst, an infusion, an intensive kickoff or reboot can direct you there. Facilitation sessions help you identify objectives, assess barriers, create alignment, and achieve results as a team. 

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Career Trajectory

Whether you’re looking to advance, pivot, or accelerate, I can help you chart your course. Getting in shape for what’s next means mining the gems of your experience, and getting clear on what makes you shine.

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How we work together:

We start with a discovery and needs assessment. It’s a conversation. An exploration. It’s fun!

From there, we co-deisgn metrics and objectives. We typically work in 1, 3, and 6 month timeframes, depending on your needs and goals.

Getting there may include:

  • One-on-one and small group coaching

  • Ongoing consultations and guidance

  • Workshops and retreats (on- and off-site) for team development, education, and training

  • Retainer-and-results based long term collaboration