Bright Work

Traversing Together


The Map & The Terrain

If getting from A >> B were easy, you would already be there.

We look at your landscape, chart a course, and adjust to meet emerging conditions.

Do you want your work to be more fulfilling but don’t know what do to get there?

Do you know the people on your team are wonderful, but you’re not in that magic place of working together well, achieving what you want to achieve?

Do you want to be more influential, have greater impact, or inspire change?


How we work together:

We start with a discovery and landscape assessment. It’s a conversation. An exploration. It’s fun!

From there, we co-deisgn methods, metrics, and objectives. We typically work in 1, 3, and 6 month timeframes, depending on your needs and goals.

Getting there may include:

  • One-on-one and small group coaching

  • Workshops and retreats (on- and off-site) for team development, education, and training

  • Ongoing consultations and guidance

  • Retainer-and-results based long term collaboration

    Insight :: Action :: Impact


Leadership & Management 

Leaders are people who want more: more impact, reward, ease, joy, wholeness.  But also people who want less: less frustration, inconsistency, strife, stagnation.

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The best teams not only achieve their goals, but enjoy getting there. They generate value personally and for their organization. Often the barrier is what’s untapped: what people are capable of, but not yet doing.

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We exist in an inter-connected web, and we thrive when we take care of and enhance our value exchanges. Ecosystem Intelligence helps you see and strengthen the connections that feed your work.

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